Does Lion Poo Really Keep Cats Away?

If you have a beautiful garden that you are proud of then you probably spend a lot of time in that garden. In fact, you probably spend most of the weekends and afternoons pruning and planting away. There is nothing wrong with this because gardens can be beautiful and therapeutic. There is nothing more relaxing than getting in the garden and puttering around. All that being said, there are also times when gardening can get stressful. This is especially true if you are battling cats or other small mammals. These mammals not only like to get into the garden and eat your plants and flowers, but they like to leave you little presents everywhere in the form of scat. Now, one might think that animal scat is a good fertilizer, but this isn’t the case at all.

In fact, it might even turn out to be harmful to some of your plants. And, this is not to even mention the facts that it smells and is unsightly. If you are currently battling this problem it is likely that you have tried a number of home remedies. Heck, you might even have tried several commercially bought products with little to no success. If this is the case then you are probably hesitant about trying lion poo. Does lion poo actually work and can it repel cats from your garden? That is exactly what you are going to discover below.

What You Need To Know About Lion Dung

The first thing that you need to know is that lion dung is sold online is pellets. And, there are a number of individuals that have boasted about this product and everything that it has to offer. Well, the first thing that you need to know ids that lion dung is by no means a fertilizer, so it should not be used as such. Another thing that you need to know is that lion dung may or may not work. It really just depends on the situation. Another thing to consider is that since these repellents come available in pellets it means that they can easily be washed away with heavy rains.

Why Lion Dung Might Work

Here is the real theory behind lion dung and why it may work. Lions are cats, right? They are cats just much bigger. People have for years been using dogs and male cats to deter other cats from getting in their gardens. Well, since lions are literally on top of the lion family chart when it comes to size and strength they can easily scare away an unsuspecting cat. If a cat smells lion dung and fears that a lion is near it is entirely possible that the cat will be too scared to enter the garden. This is a proven method that has been known and proven to work with dogs and male cats, so why wouldn’t it work with lions since they are more powerful and bigger than any neighbourhood car or dog?

Why Lion Dung Might Not Work

There is simply no denying that lions are ranked at the top of the cat family. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that is will deter all species of cats. Some cats are just persistent, curious, and courageous. It doesn’t matter what you put in your yard there are some cats that just won’t be deterred. Not only this, but you have to consider how bad the cat has to go. If you have to use the restroom so bad would you really care where you went? Probably not and some cats might not either, so don’t be all too surprised in lion dung doesn’t deter all species of cats.

Where To Get Lion Dung

As was already mentioned in this article, you can simply purchase lion poop online. It comes available in pellet form and can easily be spread throughout your garden. However, you have to be careful when shopping online. Not only are there tons of scammer out there just waiting to take your money while stealing your financial information, but you never really know what you are buying. Are you an expert on lion dung? Would you really be able to tell the difference between lion dung and cheetah dung or even dog dung?

Probably not and this is why you always want to make sure that you are shopping with reliable sources. Only make sure that you are shopping from reputable vendors with excellent customer reviews. That being said, if you want to bypass all the dangers of shopping online you do have several other options available to you. First, you can probably visit the local zoo and speak with one of the managers and ask about buying their dung. If they give you a weird look just simply explain what you are going to do with the dung. Of course, another option if you live in an area where mountain lions are prevalent, you can always go out and get your own.

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Switching Up Your Methods

The real truth of the matter is that there are a number of cat and animal deterrents available to you. Some of these come in the form of home remedies, some of these come in the form of commercially bought products, and some even come in the form of scat and plants. However, the truth is that none of these methods are effective 100 percent of the time. This is because cats become used to certain smells and odours. What once deterred them may no longer if they are exposed to it long enough. If you want to be truly effective with your battle of keeping your garden pest-free, you will need to switch up your tactics.

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