Does Olbas Oil Deter Cats?

Unfortunately, answering this question, like most deterrents, isn’t binary. There is no straightforward yes or no answer and it’s a case of trying it out to determine whether the cat you’re trying to deter is put off by the smell of Olbas oil.

The majority of deterrents focus their efforts on odours. Cats are far more sensitive to smells and that’s why strong, pungent smells (like Jeyes fluid) work particularly well at deterring cats.

So if you’ve decided to use Olbas oil to deter cats, read on:

How to Use Olbas Oil to Deter Cats

Before you get to using Olbas oil, it’s worth scrolling down to appreciate the dangers of using Olbas oil. Ultimately, you need to avoid a cat licking or ingesting the oil which could cause them harm.

It’s the smell which puts some cats off so you need to find a way of releasing the smell around your garden without giving cats access to the actual oil.

We recommend first soaking tea bags or a sponge in diluted Olbas oil. If going for tea bags, try peppermint teabags which can also give off a strong peppermint odour which some cats dislike.

Place your soaked teabags into an empty plastic bottle then secure the lid tight to the top. Grab a sharp knife and pierce a few holes in the lid of the bottle. This will allow the odour to seep out without risking harm to the cats.

Should You Use Olbas Oil to Deter Cats?

The good news is that, with Olbas oil, you don’t need to use much of it to have an effect. That means you’re unlikely to do any harm to wildlife or plants in your garden. The main question, of course, is will it harm cats though?

Will Olbas Oil Harm Cats?

Unfortunately, Olbas oil could do harm to cats. Eucalyptus is poisonous to cats and it’s eucalyptus that makes up the scent in Olbas oil. Admittadently, you’re unlikely to cause harm to a cat if you use Olbas oil diluted. It could become a problem, however, were you to use it neat as a deterrent.

If you follow the instructions we have outlined above, however, then you should be able to keep any trespassing cat out of the garden and away from your Olbas oil odours without causing them any harm.

Will Olbas Oil Harm Other Animals?

As a scent, Olbas oil won’t do any harm to other animals such as dogs or birds. The main issue is in consumption and/or if any Olbas oil were to get into contact with their skin. When it comes to using Olbas oil as a deterrent, you only really want to use the strong smell. That’s what the approach we have outlined above is a great method for both deterring cats whilst keeping other pets and animals safe.


When using any essential oils, it’s first important to determine how toxic they can be to cats. Once you know it’s toxicity levels, you can begin to use it safely. The last thing you want to do is cause harm to your neighbour’s cat – regardless of how infuriating it is with leaving a mess all over your back garden.

If you follow our cautious method above for using Olbas oil then you may find a working deterrent.

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