Will Eucalyptus Oil Repel Cats?

As you probably already know, the best cat deterrents are those which are pungent smelling. That’s why you’re probably asking whether or not eucalyptus oil will repel cats or not, right? The good news is that thanks to the strong smell eucalyptus oil works quite well to repel cats.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as to say, yes, it works. As you are aware, every cat is different with its own traits. Some cats will hate the smell of eucalyptus whilst others will actually be quite happy to sniff it. It’s for this reason that you will need to experiment a little with what does and what does not work for the particular cat you’re getting affected by.

How to Use Eucalyptus Oil to Repel Cats

You have a few approaches to take with using eucalyptus oil. You could try using it as a spray or you could soak tea bags in diluted eucalyptus oil and spread these around the garden. There are caveats to using it though and we’ve outlined why you may want to reconsider whether or not using eucalyptus oil would be the right approach to take as a cat deterrent.

Should You Use Eucalyptus to Deter Cats?

When using any products, especially essential oils like eucalyptus, you need to consider what impact it could have on a cat were it to get onto their skin or were they to ingest it. That’s why you need to consider whether or not it is safe for cats to be around:

Will Eucalyptus Oil Harm Cats?

There is an extensive list of essential oils which are harmful to cats, unfortunately. This does mean when you come to using them in your garden to deter cats you need to do so with caution. Eucalyptus oil does make an appearance on this list alongside tea tree, clove, pine and Ylang Ylang oils.

If a cat were to ingest Eucalyptus oil then it could react negatively towards it. Side effects can include drooling, wobbliness and vomiting.

Will Eucalyptus Plants Work?

Unfortunately, the reason cats are deterred by eucalyptus oil is because of the strong odour it gives off. If you’ve ever walked by a eucalyptus plant then you’ll know it isn’t particularly strong scented. Eucalyptus oil is incredibly concentrated which is why it is strong.

It’s this reason why planting eucalyptus in your garden is unlikely to have any real impact on deterring cats, unfortunately. If you’re looking to spruce up the look of your garden whilst stopping cats poop all over it then check out our extensive list of plants that deter cats.


Although eucalyptus oil might repel cats with some effectiveness, it’s no the best approach to take. It’s not 100% proven to work as a deterrent but can definitely have negative side effects on cats were they to find a way of ingesting it. We would advise being cautious when using any essential oils, none more so than eucalyptus oil.

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